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The Videos are Here!

As I promised in my last blog entry, on the occasion of updating our website, we have now added almost 30 videos on “how to” use all the terrific tools on our website. These videos are designed to show you the power of the design capabilities of our design module. It is almost like having your own copy of either Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

The possibilities for designing and creating your own monograms, wall decals, signs, banners, stickers, posters, and more are right at your finger tips and are always as close as any device that connects you to the internet.

We invite you to come on-board and play with our tools to see the really good things you can do and to see what you can create. And, if you sign in and create your own account, you can save all your designs for future use. What could be better than that?

Here’s a link to check out the videos:

Updated Website!

We recently updated our website to make it more customer friendly and to add content of particular interest to the female shopper and homemaker.

We have had excellent feedback on where we are headed, and our next step will be to add videos to the site to show you how to navigate the site and to use the design tools that are a part of our very powerful design tool. This tool is almost like having your own copy of Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The things you can do are almost limitless to make monograms, wall decorations, signs, banners, and decals of all sorts, just like a professional designer!

When the videos are up on the site, we will notify you on our Blog and also on our Face Book page.

In the meantime, please check out the upgraded site and let us know of any other suggestions you may have.


Decorate Your Walls and Make your Home Fun and Unique

One of the hottest trends in the market today is using vinyl lettering and decor to give special life to your baby’s nursery, to your family room, to your doors, to your windows, to your game room , to your son’s “man cave” or to your daughter’s “private haven” or to anywhere else in your home that suits your desires.

Modern vinyl graphics for the walls go on any smooth surface and look as if they were painted on. Plus, you can choose removable adhesive vinyl or a more permanent vinyl. The graphics work on things as large as cars, boats, trucks and trailers or as small as your scrap book or coffee cup. The only limit is your imagination.

With the online design capabilities you have on our website, you can set the size of your graphics, manipulate the orientation, change the color, upload your own artwork, and customize to your heart’s content. You can even upload pictures directly from your Face Book and Twitter accounts and we can print them to your specifications.

We provide hundreds of templates for you to choose from and to modify to your own needs and tastes, or you can start from scratch and do your own thing. Give it a whirl and have fun!

Recognition at Graduation!

One of the nicest things a community or a parent can do for those who have worked long and hard to graduate from high school or college is to recognize them publicly with a banner or sign posted on the front lawn or at the entrance to a subdivision.

Everyone loves to see their name in print, and especially in a large format of some kind that will be seen by friends, family, and neighbors. This often gets them special comments and congratulations they might not otherwise receive; and, it provides the individual with a real boost in their self esteem!


What are some of the reasons to start thinking about buying signs?

We thought a short checklist might be helpful to you:

  1. An old sign needs to be replaced because it is worn out or out dated.
  2. You have a new company logo or name, or you have some new selling points for your company or your organization which require a change to your signs.
  3. You have a new physical facility which requires new signs.
  4. A trade show is coming up soon.
  5. A meeting or seminar is coming up.
  6. A special retail sale event is coming up (e.g. Grand Opening).
  7. Exterior directional signs are needed for your company’s customers or patrons.
  8. Business is slow and your company needs to attract new customers.
  9. Interior offices or rooms require identification.
  10. Manufacturing requires labels and identification on products.
  11. Custom license plates are needed.
  12. Address identification is required.
  13. Safety signs are required.
  14. Fleet graphics are required or desired: for business, church, government, or personal needs.
  15. An additional location is being opened.
  16. You are moving from one location to another.
  17. A reunion, birthday, picnic or other one time event is coming up.
  18. A fund raising activity is scheduled which needs sponsor signs.
  19. Sponsor signs and banners needed for schools or athletic teams.
  20. “My boss told me to get the sign(s)”.
  21. For Sale signs are needed.
  22. Construction site signs are needed.
  23. Retail product labels are needed.

Make a Sale at 65 Miles Per Hour

If you are a business owner or if you are looking to raise the awareness of your particular cause or organization, you might be interested to see how signs and banners are among the best investments you can make.

For example, a good set of magnetic signs on your vehicle can get you thousands of impressions while you simply drive around town. And, you can take them off of the vehicle whenever you need to and store them for the next use. One of my employees was once driving down the freeway when the driver behind him took the phone number from one of my trucks and called me on his cell phone right then. That phone call turned into a $12,000.00 order. I couldn’t help but marvel at how little I had spent to get that order, plus no sales calls or other expenses were required.

There are 3 things that a sign is:

There are 3 things that a sign is:

A sign is an image or message used to represent a more complex notion. The sign is simple; but, what you do is complex. The simple (sign) has to help explain the complex (business). For example: The word “Restaurant” conveys the idea of food being prepared, offered for sale, and served in an environment conducive to eating. The word “Luxury” connotes extravagant decor, higher pricing, extraordinary service and an air of very proper decorum. When the two words are put together, then the phrase “Luxury Restaurant” paints a whole new and very vivid picture for the mind.

A sign is a display designed to attract attention and influence human behavior. It’s as if a voice is shouting out the words, “Look at me! Do what I say and it’ll be good for you.” Good signs make use of WORDS, reinforced by color, lines, borders, fonts, logos, and pictures to grab our attention and suggest a clear offer or payoff. Any logo or picture must build on, not disrupt the ideas painted by your words.

A sign is a symbol that stands for or suggests something else. The voice is now saying, “Here’s a logo or picture that I am going to use over and over until it comes to represent me in your mind, and sorts me out from the clutter.”

10 Point Check list For Designing a Powerful Sign for Any Business!

Here’s the Checklist:

1. Make it colorful.

2. Make it simple.

3. Use a Headline.

4. “Who am I?”

5. “What do I do?”

6. “How can I be reached?”

7. Make an offer.

8. Keep your promise.

9. Make it visible.

10. Make it last.

Here’s what each point means:

Make It Colorful. Except for the unfortunate few who are color blind, most of us see things in vivid, real life, color, even when our eyes are closed. We prefer it that way. In today’s technologically advanced world of signs, there’s really no excuse for doing a sign in only one or two colors, or for using simple silhouettes instead of showing the real thing. Full color photography, digitally produced graphics, shadowing and gradients, 3-D looks…you name it. A good sign company should be able to do it all…and at reasonable prices.

Make It Simple. To state it simply…More is not necessarily better! A sign or an ad that attempts to explain or list everything you can possibly do is not going to be read by your customers, and it can make your message seem unbelievable. Remember, people are looking for specialists, with expertise in something specific, not general practitioners, who might not be experts in anything in particular.

Use A Headline. Excluding business identification signs and directional signs, every other sign you have in your business should interrupt your customers and get their attention. That’s what headlines in newspapers, magazines, and even in broadcast media are designed to do. Your sign should do the same thing. Plus, having to use a headline is a great way to force yourself to refine your message and look at your business from the point of view of a potential customer. Most of us spend our lives trying to educate everyone else to our way of thinking. That is “swimming upstream.” Just give ‘em what they want and need to help them take the next step in the buying process.

Who Am I? Answering this question with your signs usually means giving prominence to the name of your company in the appropriate place on the sign. However, if your company name does not also describe the nature of your business, then a tag line or motto may be in order; so that people can tell at a glance, who you are.

What Do I Do? This question is best answered with pictures and/or two or three bullet points that explain your expertise further to your customers. Again, it needs to be simple and easy to understand and read.

How Can I Be Reached? Unless your sign is being displayed inside your place of business or at a trade show booth where you have people on hand to personally answer questions, you need to make sure that you tell people how they can contact you. And, it needs to be prominently displayed somewhere on the sign.

Make An Offer. The word FREE, is one of the most powerful words in our language. You should make a free, no strings attached offer, to potential customers, of more information, of testing results, of articles about your products or industry, of samples, of discount coupons, or of what ever it takes to move them to the next level of involvement prior to an actual purchase.

Keep Your Promise. When you portray yourself or your company in a certain way through your advertising and signs, you have made a promise to potential customers about what they can expect from you. For example, if you show pictures of a gleaming office complex, but you are working out of your home, you are not being honest. Ultimately, people will choose to do business with people they trust. So, who you are, and who you claim to be, must match.

Make It Visible. As strange as it may seem, people often spend money on signs that are obscured by trees, buildings, or other impediments, including various things in interior locations where signs are posted. Also, people use color combinations and graphics that make it very difficult to read the messages on their signs.

Make It Last. This is a statement about quality of materials and appropriateness of the look. Cheap materials not only may not last as long as better quality materials, but they send a message about who you are to your customers, that may not be what you want. Once again, your desired image and your actual appearance must be consistent.